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While nobody wants to think about death or disability, establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.  But consulting with an estate planning lawyer and putting together an appropriate estate plan can provide peace of mind and a sense of security.  Having good estate planning documents in place can spare your loved ones from significant expense, delay, and frustration, and can reduce tensions and conflicts among those surviving.

 When a loved one dies, it is often a time of great anxiety and emotion.  The legal duties can be overwhelming.  Making sense of wills and trusts, knowing the important tasks and being sure they are done correctly and in the right order, navigating the probate system:  good legal advice and assistance is essential. 

 Sometimes as people grow older they feel an insecurity about their ability to protect themselves from those who might take advantage of their age.  Sometimes they simply decide they prefer the convenience and freedom of not having to be the one managing finances.  The role of an estate planning attorney can go far beyond helping put a will and trust in place.  The attorney can serve as a professional to assist children or other loved ones with financial matters, to act as a go-between when conflicts develop, or even to help with day to day responsibilities such as paying bills, straightening out insurance matters, assisting with tax filings, etc. 

 Trusts are an important part of many estate plans, because as well as potential tax savings they can offer asset protection for young children or spendthrifts surviving spouses with minimal financial experience.  They can preserve assets for beneficiaries in complicated situations such as blended families or unmarried adult life partners.  The success of a trust depends in large part, however, on the choice of the trustee.  There are times when the services of a professional trustee such as an estate planning attorney are appropriate.

 Marcelle Morel at Virginia Estate Planning and Administration PLC is ready to help with these types of situations and many more.

 After many years assisting clients as a member of the prestigious Charlottesville firm Richmond & Fishburne, Ms. Morel decided that she could best serve her clients’ needs with a new approach.  She will continue to provide the same excellent legal advice and assistance to clients in the areas of estate planning and estate administration or probate. Now, though, her practice will additionally focus on providing those services in a manner more convenient for clients. 

 Over the years, Ms. Morel noticed that it was difficult for some clients to make it to the office for appointments.  For some elderly clients, just getting out can be difficult.  As a service to those clients, she often would go to them and meet with them in their homes.  But there were others for whom the standard office environment and hours didn’t work well.  The non-kid friendly environment of an office conference room made it difficult for parents with young children to concentrate on the important issues being discussed.  Some people had trouble getting time off from work during business hours for legal conferences.  And for many, life was just too busy! 

 And so the idea for a new type of practice was born:  offering “house calls” for estate planning and administration assistance with appointments available during the day or evening, on weekdays or weekends, all at no additional cost.   Please call or email for more information.